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Hello and Welcome! 

Explore this website to utilize the variety of resources available! My goal is to provide support and serve as a liason for residents in need. View information regarding current events below.

Los recursos están disponibles en español.

Our Mission

The 9th Ward is one of the most diverse and vibrant neighborhoods in Evanston giving us the unique opportunity to bring historic change and improvement to the lives of thousands. Explore the policies I am committed to advocating for below.

Accountability and Transparency

Residents value and appreciate strong communication from City Council. It is my promise to provide enhanced forms of accountability and communication.

Affordable Living

Evanston has become one of the least affordable cities in Illinois, and the 9th Ward is no exception. Creating new affordable units while lowering the cost of living is a priority.

Fiscal Responsibility

We need to rethink our current revenue streams while creating new ones to protect 9th Ward residents from rising costs of living.

Public Safety

It's time that we expand our definition of public safety by devoting resources to early childhood development, mental health, young adult programs, job training and more. 

Climate Action

Evanston must include climate action in budgetary decision-making while preparing our neighbors from the lasting effects of climate change.

Current Events

There are many initiatives existing throughout Evanston that are important to 9th Ward residents. Click learn more to discover these events and my stance.

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