Youth Leadership

The youth are the future of the nation and this community, and it is extremely important that Evanston creates youth that have leadership skills that they can take with them wherever their path may lead to in the future. Years of working for the Evanston Parks and Recreation Department showed Sebastian of the importance of youth having a strong mentor in their lives. While there are existing leadership programs and internship opportunities both private and public existing in Evanston, there are not enough currently to meet demands. 

As mayor of Evanston, Sebastian would create more internship opportunities in the mayors office. Existing departments would have internship openings that would allow students in college and high school to see the inner workings of local government. Sebastian would work closely with all interns to make sure they are getting the most out of their experiences and are prepared for any future endeavors they choose. It also would give Evanston students an edge in searching for employment or choosing a higher education institution.

Internships would be done in person and remotely. Success of this program would see aldermen and other offices adopting it. Thus, it would produce youth that are ready to lead.

How can I help?

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