Raising  a Child Together

Preschool education is incredibly important for the success of a young child in school. A study by the University of Pennsylvania in 2012 showed that the more educational stimulation a four year old received, the more developed their brain would be in the decade following. Studies also show that there are long term benefits of early education including lower incarceration rates and higher college graduation rates. Preschool education results in children being more cognitively developed with language and creative skills being higher than those without. As a community, we must want the best for our children because they are the future of Evanston and the world around us.

The Evanston Parks and Recreation Department currently has preschool aged programs that have been very impactful for young children. Sebastian has experience working as a director for one of these preschool programs in the summer of 2020. They would creative projects that included artwork and architecture as well as working on language comprehension. An expansion of these programs would be beneficial to hundreds of families that may not be able to afford traditional private preschool. 

Low and middle income families would benefit the most from this as "Raising a Child Together" would seek to lower the costs of these programs and expand them. This would result in young children being more prepared for elementary school, and it would be a cheaper alternative for families thinking about full time daycare or preschool.

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