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Sebastian Nalls has lived in Evanston for almost his entire life. He attended Pope John 23 school until 8th grade. He then graduated from Evanston Township High School with honors recognition. He is currently attending Purdue University double majoring in accounting and political science.

As a resident of the 8th ward, he has organized community block parties and engaged in community service. He also has extensive experience with the Evanston Parks and Recreation Department working with children and running an extensive summer camp program. Working at the Parks and Recreation Department gave Sebastian a look into the inner workings of civil work and local politics.

Following the death of George Floyd and the subsequent protests, Sebastian began to dive into the issues that plague the Evanston community. He saw that Evanston could be a leader in racial justice, environmental protection, school curriculum, and so much more. Evanston's resources could be used in a way that would benefit the lives of thousands of individuals.

Currently, Sebastian is meeting with local leaders to create comprehensive plans and initiatives that could be proposed and implemented.

"It is important to maintain communication with the community that you are elected to serve," said Sebastian, "each person has a unique circumstance; there is no one size fits all model with governing. Partnering with local community leaders allows for a new channel to be opened to constituents that otherwise would not have been available."

Taking time to discuss these issues can be a time consuming task, but it is necessary to have a community that is works together to create meaningful change.

With his youth comes energy, determination, and the willingness to help foster change that will benefit thousands of residents. He is a candidate that will listen to the problems of the community and act on his promises.

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