Mixed Income Housing

With housing becoming increasingly expensive, we are in dire need of responsible affordable units. The current administration has haphazardly approved developments that have negatively impacted the community in the name of affordable housing. This lack of direction has caused Evanston to face an affordability crisis. It is necessary for Evanston to create a comprehensive affordable housing plan that includes a roadmap that it can follow.

Evanston has an incredible amount of resources at its disposal. The community is filled affordable housing experts that have offered their time to create a comprehensive affordable housing, or Mixed Income Housing, plan. Sebastian will coordinate with volunteers and the City Manager's office to lay out a roadmap that the city can follow to provide housing that is affordable for Evanston residents. This includes the closing of loopholes in mandatory inclusionary housing, the establishment of community land trusts, and ensuring that affordable units are not the smallest units in a development so they can support an Evanston family.

Our campaign has worked with housing experts to create a Mixed Income Housing packet that talk about the importance of housing that is affordable, steps that can be taken to provide more affordable housing units, and a pathway forward for Evanston to maintain its affordability for decades to come. Sebastian will continue this work while in office to prevent residents from being priced out and excluded from the Evanston experience.

How can I help?

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