Environmental Stability

The environment around us is under threat from climate change. Although massive change must take place on the national level, we can be a leader for many communities in creating a community that is environmentally conscious. Evanston has already passed the Climate Action and Resilience Plan in 2018; however, it can further be expanded and updated to include race, intersectionality, new benchmarks, and an implementation strategy. Sebastian has already pushed for fully funding the office of sustainability to lay out an implementation strategy that would see Evanston continue its efforts to combat climate change.

Sebastian would also work with local advocacy groups to ensure that residents are not impacted by environmental injustices. No resident should have to bear the impacts of poor environmental quality such as air, noise, or soil pollution. By partnering with local advocacy groups, Sebastian would push council members to act when residents are concerns with environmental practices of businesses and city projects. Pushing for environmental justice would also see that residents have fair access to parks and open spaces that they can use and enjoy. The following is our Climate Action Packet that lays out our vision for climate action in Evanston.

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